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Scott Felder and Nicole Owren-Wiest Present a Bloomberg BNA Webinar on Protecting Intellectual Property in an Open Systems Architecture Environment

August 20, 2015

In recent years, likely in light of fiscal constraints, the Government has become more focused on its rights in contractor technical data and computer software. This enhanced focus often manifests itself as an aggressive demand for both data deliverables and rights in a contractor’s intellectual property. This trend will only continue as agencies move towards an Open Systems Architecture (OSA) approach.  

The same fiscal constraints that have caused the Government to focus on data and data rights are also forcing contractors to explore new markets and new customer bases in order to ensure that they can recapture their investments in technology. Without an understanding of the shifting data rights environment, contractors may jeopardize their ability to monetize their innovations. 

Wiley Rein partners Scott Felder and Nicole Owren-Wiest will provide practical information to individuals working on a Government contract or sub-contract where they will use, develop, and/or develop information that they consider proprietary to the Government, in the webinar, “Protecting Your Intellectual Property in an Open Systems Architecture Environment” hosted by Bloomberg BNA on Wednesday, August 26, 2015 from 1:00 PM  to 2:30 PM (ET). The program will cover:

  • How to recognize an OSA approach to procurement.
  • How to best protect intellectual property vis-à-vis the Government, whether the Government is adopting an OSA approach or not.
  • How to handle over-reaching on data deliverables or data rights.

CLE credit will be available. Clients and friends of Wiley Rein will receive 25% off the registration cost by using the promo code FIRMDISC25 when registering. For more information and to register click here.