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Robert McDowell’s Senate Testimony on Net Neutrality Draws Extensive Media Coverage

Bloomberg TV, FOX, PCWorld, Politico, Roll Call
September 19, 2014

Wiley Rein partner Robert M. McDowell received extensive print and television news coverage related to his testimony at a September 17 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) pending net neutrality proceeding.

Mr. McDowell—who joined Wiley Rein’s preeminent Communications Practice this month—served as an FCC commissioner for seven years, during which he voted against the FCC’s two previous attempts to issue net neutrality rules.  He told the Senate panel he also opposes the FCC’s current attempt to regulate Internet network management, in part because “nothing is broken in the Internet access market that needs fixing.”  His Senate testimony was covered by media outlets including Communications Daily, McClatchyDC, Multichannel News, PCWorld, and Politico.

In a September 17 guest column published by Roll Call, Mr. McDowell called the Internet “the greatest deregulatory success story of all time,” and said intrusive new regulations could “greatly hinder this bountiful sector of the American economy.”

Mr. McDowell also was interviewed this week by Bloomberg TV and FOX Business.  In the Bloomberg TV interview, he noted that “the barriers to entry are extremely low” for Internet entrepreneurs.  “That’s a sign of competition and also a sign that we have laws that already exist on the books that protect consumers.” he said.

To read Mr. McDowell’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, click here.  To watch the net neutrality hearing, click here.