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Karl Nebbia Featured in C-SPAN Interview on Spectrum Management

April 16, 2015

Karl Nebbia, an independent consultant who teams with Wiley Rein’s Communications Practice, was featured on C-SPAN’s “The Communicators” program, in an April 7 interview about the management of spectrum needed for over-the-air broadcasts, wireless voice and data services, and a wide range of other government and commercial uses.

Mr. Nebbia, who formerly served as Associate Administrator of the Office of Spectrum Management at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), said the use of spectrum is changing over time. He noted that today, “more sophisticated capabilities” are changing the way spectrum is allocated based on users’ needs. He said the U.S. will never “run out of spectrum, because even though we're not making any more of it, you can keep splicing it up,” and dividing it differently depending on technology. 

Having moved to the private sector after serving at NTIA for more than three decades, Mr. Nebbia said, “I'm certainly in a situation where I'm seeing both sides.” His work involves talking regularly with commercial operators and government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Defense.

“So you see some of the disconnects in the discussion, and for that reason my hope is to be able to bring them together,” he said. “Hopefully over the 30 years I did spectrum management, there is a level of trust that I can add to that discussion. That, for me, is really the critical thing.”

To watch the full interview, please click here.