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Robert McDowell Discusses Comcast's Dropped Bid for Time Warner Cable

The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, FOX News, Financial Times, National Journal, The Philadelphia Inquirer
April 24, 2015

Robert M. McDowell, a partner in Wiley Rein’s Communications Practice, was interviewed by multiple media outlets, including The New York Times, regarding Comcast’s decision to drop its proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable.

The deal collapsed this week amid intense regulatory scrutiny—including an anticipated Federal Communications Commission (FCC) staff recommendation to refer the proposed merger to a hearing before an administrative law judge, according to an April 23 New York Times article.

Mr. McDowell, who served as an FCC Commissioner from 2006 to 2013, said that in his 25 years of observing actions by the FCC, he could not recall a transaction being approved after such a referral took place. “That is a fatal bullet to the heart of the deal,” he told the Times.

Mr. McDowell also discussed the transaction this week with The Wall Street JournalFOX News, the Financial TimesNational Journal, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.