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FEC Adopts Interim Procedure for Potentially False or Fictitious Filings

September 2016

In August, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) announced an interim procedure for filings containing potentially false or fictitious information. The procedure was announced as a result of numerous filings in the 2015–2016 election cycle that appear to be false, such as Statements of Candidacy filed in the names of celebrities or fictitious characters.

Under the procedure, the FEC will send letters in response to apparently false or fictitious filings. Among other things, each letter will direct the filer to confirm or withdraw the filing and note the penalties for filing false statements with the government. The FEC intends to adopt a permanent procedure as part of its 2017–2018 report review policy.

The interim procedure underscores the importance of ensuring that all filings submitted to the FEC or any other government agency are complete and accurate.