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Patricia O'Connell
Senior Communications Manager

Wiley Rein Introduces SpectrumTrack, a New Spectrum Analysis Report

June 25, 2015

Wiley Rein LLP today introduced SpectrumTrack, a spectrum analysis report designed to assist business and regulatory analysts, investment professionals, and corporate development professionals in the communications and technology fields. Subscribers will receive valuable analysis, including current licensing status, geographic extent of licenses, and overlap and exclusion tracking associated with defined and undefined areas. Professionals interested in subscribing should contact partner Eric W. DeSilva of the firm’s Telecom, Media & Technology Group.

SpectrumTrack extracts and analyzes data from the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Universal Licensing System (ULS) to create highly accurate and detailed licensing information for FCC “spectrum screen” and other regulatory, strategic, and investment analyses. The service is unique because unlike any other available FCC licensing data products, it relies on ULS, the FCC’s official license database, and utilizes sophisticated Geographic Information System (GIS) and data processing routines to yield highly accurate spectrum holding information that is adjusted for arbitrary partitions and avoids the double-counting of spectrum associated with other data products.  

The report includes three sortable sections: (1) the Competitor Tab, a county-by-county listing by radio service and block, showing each licensee, call sign, parent, the amount of spectrum held, and the geographic percentage of the country covered by the license; (2) the Aggregation Tab, a sortable list of entities that includes information about the amount of spectrum held by each respective entity and its affiliates for each block in each radio service; and (3) the Affiliation Tab, which shows the mapping of licensees to parent entities.

For complimentary access to SpectrumTrack’s inaugural edition, please click here.