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Wiley Rein has the largest Telecom, Media & Technology (TMT) law practice in the country with more than 80 attorneys and engineers engaged full time in the practice. The TMT practice encompasses virtually all aspects of the federal, state, and international laws governing the telecommunications, media, and technology industries. Our team is committed to understanding the implications of technology and industry changes for our clients, as evidenced by our team of engineers who are integrated into our legal and policy capabilities.

The TMT practice has extensive familiarity with the government institutions that shape and administer all manner of communications regulations and policies. Our professionals include individuals who have occupied high-level positions at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Department of Commerce, as well as on Capitol Hill. These include a former Chairman of the FCC, four former FCC Commissioners, a former FCC General Counsel, a former FCC Chief of Staff, as well as the former U.S. Coordinator for International Communications and Information Policy (Ambassador), and a former Administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). Others have had firsthand experience working in telecommunications firms, media companies, and the advertising industry. This experience is enriched by the insights and creativity of veteran specialists in the laws governing wireless and wireline telecom carriers, equipment manufacturers, Internet firms, broadcasters, programmers, cable and satellite operators, content producers, print media, financial institutions, and other investors.

Areas of Specialty

The size and experience of Wiley Rein's TMT practice enables us to handle the full scope of telecommunications, wireless, litigation, international, satellite, and media issues from headline-setting, billion-dollar mergers to business disputes and regulatory initiatives. At the same time, our flexible structure allows us to make use of small teams or single attorneys to serve all of our clients in a cost-effective, efficient, and creative manner.

  • Appellate & Litigation
  • Enforcement & Compliance
  • Equipment Authorization and Marketing
  • International & Internet
  • Media
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Satellite
  • Telephony & Information Technology
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Wireless and Spectrum

Our People

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Thomas S. Dombrowsky Jr.Senior Engineering Advisor202.719.7236Download vCard
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Claire J. EvansPartner202.719.7022Download vCard
Richard G. FeaseySenior International Policy Advisor202.719.3374Download vCard
Leo R. FitzsimonConsulting Counsel202.719.7245Download vCard
Carl R. FrankConsulting Counsel202.719.7269Download vCard
David G. FrolioConsulting Counsel202.719.7246Download vCard
Christen B'anca GlennAssociate202.719.3753Download vCard
Elizabeth E. GoldinSpecial Counsel202.719.3199Download vCard
Anna M. GomezPartner202.719.7261Download vCard
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Jennifer D. HindinPartner202.719.4975Download vCard
Christopher S. HutherPartner202.719.7197Download vCard
David JatlowConsulting Counsel202.719.4075Download vCard
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Hilda G. LeggConsultant202.719.3538Download vCard
Michael A. LewisSenior Engineering Advisor202.719.7338Download vCard
Mark N. LippPartner202.719.7503Download vCard
Madeleine Lottenbach *Associate202.719.4193Download vCard
Jessica B. LyonsAssociate202.719.7376Download vCard
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Robert M. McDowellPartner202.719.7480Download vCard
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Gary A. MichelConsulting Counsel202.719.7252Download vCard
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Bennett L. RossPartner202.719.7524Download vCard
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Dwayne D. SamAssociate202.719.3409Download vCard
Jeremy J. SchoferOf Counsel202.719.4646Download vCard
Kathleen E. ScottAssociate202.719.7577Download vCard
R. Michael SenkowskiPartner202.719.7249Download vCard
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Meredith G. SingerAssociate202.719.7507Download vCard
Joan StewartOf Counsel202.719.7438Download vCard
Mark B. SweetPartner202.719.4649Download vCard
Joshua S. TurnerPartner202.719.4807Download vCard
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Richard E. WileyChairman Emeritus202.719.7010Download vCard
Bonnie Thompson WiseAssociate202.719.3763Download vCard
Amy E. WorltonPartner202.719.7458Download vCard

*Not admitted to the DC bar. Supervised by the principals of the firm.

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News & Insights