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Bankruptcy & Financial Restructuring | DISTRESSED ASSET RECOVERY

Despite the most positive expectations, not all business ventures reach their objectives of maximizing the parties' return on their investment. At some point, there simply becomes no other option except to realize that the business relationship has failed, requiring action to mitigate losses. Usually this will involve recovery of the collateral securing the investment. The firm's attorneys in the Bankruptcy & Financial Restructuring Practice have extensive experience in levying upon and foreclosing on all types of assets, from real estate to the more exotic and esoteric, intangible assets such as intellectual property rights or intangible contract rights.

Calling upon the other attorneys at the firm, we are also able to visualize other measures that may be taken to bring maximum pressure on the defaulting business partner in order to achieve maximum recovery, be it in the courts, the halls of Congress, the media, or before governmental agencies.

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