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Wiley Rein's Employment & Labor Practice represents employers nationwide.  Our Group consists of nationally recognized experts with extensive litigation and regulatory experience.  The practice often involves dealings with the federal government on both an adversarial and a collaborative basis.  We represent companies facing civil actions and administrative charges brought by current and former employees.  Our clients range from some of the largest companies in America to startups and small consulting firms.

The Employment & Labor Practice focuses on litigation, regulatory matters, employment counseling, workplace privacy issues, and traditional labor issues.  To best meet the unique needs of our clients, we form multidisciplinary teams that are equipped to handle a wide range of legal problems.  These specialized teams offer innovative solutions to ordinary and extraordinary problems while providing high-quality service.  We are especially well versed in working with federal agencies located within the Washington, DC area to obtain favorable rulings and resolutions for our clients.  

We counsel clients on virtually every legal issue arising in the workplace, including:

  • Background investigations
  • Employee privacy rights
  • Employment discrimination
  • Immigration and international employment
  • Independent contractor status
  • Labor/management relations


  • Public employers and government contractors
  • Reductions in force
  • Training
  • Unemployment and disability benefits
  • Whistleblowers
  • Workplace violence



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