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The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) serves a vital role in the economic, cultural, and social life of the nation through its delivery of business and personal correspondence; bills, account statements, payments, and fulfillments; advertising materials; and publications.  For this reason, the mail rates and classifications, eligibility rules, consumer information, and even non-postal services of the USPS directly affect every business, organization, and individual in the United States.  In addition, the USPS awards many hundreds of millions of dollars in federal contracts for private sector services to run its operations. 

The private sector deals with the USPS from a range of standpoints, including those of customers, advertisers, competitors, and suppliers.  Wiley Rein attorneys have the knowledge and skills necessary to represent companies, associations, and individuals in all aspects of postal law.

Postal Service Rates, Classifications and Services

Wiley Rein's Postal Practice frequently litigates cases before the U.S. Postal Rate Commission concerning the postage rates and mail classifications of the USPS.  We have participated actively in every rate case since 1987, and in numerous other cases as well.  Our recent cases have included representation of one of the nation's leading newspaper trade associations and an association of the producers and marketers of scenic postcards.  We also have advised a broad range of other clients on postal rate and classification issues, as well as non-postal services offered by the USPS.

The firm also counsels clients regarding general compliance with the USPS's complex mailing regulations, including postage deficiency proceedings and eligibility for non-profit postal rates, and assists them in USPS rule-makings and other proceedings relating to mailing rules and policies.  Wiley Rein attorneys have experience representing clients in negotiations with the USPS as well as in enforcement actions brought by the USPS for alleged violations of postal laws.

Government Relations

As the largest governmental service provider, the USPS is subject to a wide range of congressional and Executive branch oversight regarding virtually all aspects of its operations.  The firm has been involved in postal reform legislative efforts since the early 1990s, and assists clients in shaping postal policies by helping them define their goals and present their views successfully to the Congress and Executive branch.

Private Delivery Services

The Private Express Statutes define the postal monopoly and limit what items private firms may deliver and distribute in competition with the USPS.  The firm has experience in counseling clients regarding the scope and prevailing interpretation of the Private Express Statutes.  Our clients include a national association whose members provide alternate delivery activities.

Postal Contracting

The USPS's procurement needs rank among the federal government's largest. Companies interested in providing goods and services to the USPS must carefully navigate the complex postal procurement rules.  Our attorneys have substantial experience in the postal procurement process and can assist clients in all aspects of postal contracting including negotiation, preparation, and protest and post-award representation if necessary.

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