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Wiley Rein’s Environment & Safety Practice brings a unique set of skills to the representation of businesses and trade associations at both the Federal and State levels and in international forums.  Substantively, we are recognized leaders in handling pesticide and chemical competition and regulatory matters, battery and electronics industry issues, the regulation of the transportation of hazardous products, environmentally-based land use programs such as the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and the laws applicable to product stewardship.   We also assist clients on a variety of traditional pollution control, consumer product safety and energy efficiency matters.  Procedurally, we counsel, litigate, stimulate, or respond to regulatory proposals and support legislative lobbying.  

Our internationally recognized attorneys, consultants, and regulatory analysts leverage the firm’s exceptional policy, regulatory, and litigation depth to advance their clients’ needs before Congress, all applicable federal government agencies, at the state and municipal level, and before the European Union (EU), the United Nations (UN), and other international authorities.


The firm publishes two periodic environment and safety related newsletters, Natural Resources and Endangered Species Report and Product Stewardship & Sustainability Report The former examines matters from land use disputes and water pollution control to Endangered Species Act litigation.  The latter deals with such cutting-edge concerns as product recycling mandates, proper handling of recalls, and chemical regulatory approvals

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