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Since September 11, 2001, Wiley Rein has expanded our services to include a robust anti-money-laundering practice.  With respect to the Bank Secrecy Act as amended by the USA PATRIOT Act, we counsel U.S. financial institutions and foreign entities with U.S. business units concerning comprehensive risk assessments and corresponding risk-based compliance programs. We also work with industry groups to develop anti-money-laundering best practices.  Members of our Practice include Amy E. Worlton, who has extensive experience in counseling domestic and foreign financial institutions and developing robust anti-money-laundering programs.

We routinely offer Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)-related services including:

  • Risk assessments of clients' customers, products, services, and geographic reach in order to develop appropriately risk-based compliance programs;
  • Review of individual policies and procedures for customer identification, suspicious activity reporting, and other reporting obligations, including CTRs and Form 8300s;
  • Anti-money-laundering training;
  • Requests for advisory opinions;
  • Responses to FinCEN inquiries; and
  • Representing clients before the Executive branch officials in FinCEN, the Treasury Department, and on Capitol Hill.

We have delivered these services to leading companies across multiple industry sectors, including:

  • Banks;
  • Money services businesses;
  • Dealers in precious metals, precious stones, and jewels;
  • Insurance and reinsurance companies; and
  • Corporate formation agents.

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John R. Shane
202.719.7222 | jshane@wileyrein.com

Daniel B. Pickard
202.719.7285 | dpickard@wileyrein.com

Amy E. Worlton
202.719.7458 | aworlton@wileyrein.com


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