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* Not admitted to the DC and/or Virginia bar. Supervised by the principals of the firm.


Matthew W. Beato Download v-card mbeato@wileyrein.com 202.719.7518 Subscribe to RSS
Jeremy J. Broggi* Download v-card jbroggi@wileyrein.com 202.719.3747 Subscribe to RSS
Daniel P. Brooks Download v-card dbrooks@wileyrein.com 202.719.4183 Subscribe to RSS
Edward R. Brown Download v-card erbrown@wileyrein.com 202.719.7580 Subscribe to RSS
Katherine Church Campbell Download v-card KCampbell@wileyrein.com 202.719.7583 Subscribe to RSS
Tessa Capeloto Download v-card tcapeloto@wileyrein.com 202.719.7586 Subscribe to RSS
Jessica M. Cunningham* Download v-card jcunningham@wileyrein.com 202.719.3749 Subscribe to RSS
Kathryne C. Dickerson Download v-card kdickerson@wileyrein.com 202.719.7279 Subscribe to RSS
Ashley E. Eiler Download v-card aeiler@wileyrein.com 202.719.7565 Subscribe to RSS
Laura El-Sabaawi Download v-card lel-sabaawi@wileyrein.com 202.719.7042 Subscribe to RSS
Milad Emam Download v-card memam@wileyrein.com 202.719.7509 Subscribe to RSS
Craig G. Fansler Download v-card cfansler@wileyrein.com 202.719.7536 Subscribe to RSS
J. Ryan Frazee* Download v-card jfrazee@wileyrein.com 202.719.3751 Subscribe to RSS
A. Claire Frezza* Download v-card CFrezza@wileyrein.com 202.719.3752 Subscribe to RSS
Samuel B. Gedge Download v-card sgedge@wileyrein.com 202.719.7562 Subscribe to RSS
Christen B'anca Glenn* Download v-card cglenn@wileyrein.com 202.719.3753 Subscribe to RSS
Kyle Haley Download v-card khaley@wileyrein.com 202.719.7511 Subscribe to RSS
Karin A. Hessler Download v-card khessler@wileyrein.com 202.719.7590 Subscribe to RSS
Dylan Hix Download v-card dhix@wileyrein.com 202.719.7557 Subscribe to RSS
Derick G. Holt Download v-card dholt@wileyrein.com 202.719.7479 Subscribe to RSS
John E. Howell Download v-card jhowell@wileyrein.com 202.719.7047 Subscribe to RSS
Umair Javed Download v-card ujaved@wileyrein.com 202.719.7475 Subscribe to RSS
Leland H. Jones, IV Download v-card lhjones@wileyrein.com 202.719.7178 Subscribe to RSS
Joseph S. Kakesh Download v-card jkakesh@wileyrein.com 202.719.7435 Subscribe to RSS
Shane B. Kelly Download v-card skelly@wileyrein.com 202.719.7506 Subscribe to RSS
Stephen J. Kenny* Download v-card skenny@wileyrein.com 202.719.7532 Subscribe to RSS
Parker J. Lavin Download v-card plavin@wileyrein.com 202.719.7367 Subscribe to RSS
Samantha S. Lee Download v-card sslee@wileyrein.com 202.719.7551 Subscribe to RSS
M. Ethan Lucarelli Download v-card elucarelli@wileyrein.com 202.719.7299 Subscribe to RSS
Sara Luxenberg* Download v-card sluxenberg@wileyrein.com 202.719.3755 Subscribe to RSS
Jessica B. Lyons Download v-card jlyons@wileyrein.com 202.719.7376 Subscribe to RSS
Margaret E. Matavich* Download v-card mmatavich@wileyrein.com 202.719.3756 Subscribe to RSS
Michael A. McCauley* Download v-card mmccauley@wileyrein.com 202.719.7531 Subscribe to RSS
Ari Meltzer Download v-card ameltzer@wileyrein.com 202.719.7467 Subscribe to RSS
Roger H. Miksad Download v-card rmiksad@wileyrein.com 202.719.7193 Subscribe to RSS
Brandon J. Moss Download v-card bmoss@wileyrein.com 202.719.7554 Subscribe to RSS
Usha Neelakantan Download v-card uneelakantan@wileyrein.com 202.719.7209 Subscribe to RSS
Erin K. Nord Download v-card enord@wileyrein.com 202.719.7183 Subscribe to RSS
Jason O'Brien Download v-card jobrien@wileyrein.com 202.719.7464 Subscribe to RSS
Pamela Okafor Download v-card pokafor@wileyrein.com 202.719.7573 Subscribe to RSS
George E. Petel* Download v-card GPetel@wileyrein.com 202.719.3759 Subscribe to RSS
P. Nicholas Peterson Download v-card npeterson@wileyrein.com 202.719.7466 Subscribe to RSS
Christen M. Price Download v-card cprice@wileyrein.com 202.719.7572 Subscribe to RSS
Nicole Audet Richardson Download v-card nrichardson@wileyrein.com 202.719.3746 Subscribe to RSS
Tyler E. Robinson Download v-card trobinson@wileyrein.com 202.719.7497 Subscribe to RSS
Katy M. Ross Download v-card kmross@wileyrein.com 202.719.7410 Subscribe to RSS
Nina Rustgi* Download v-card nrustgi@wileyrein.com 202.719.3761 Subscribe to RSS
Dwayne D. Sam* Download v-card dsam@wileyrein.com 202.719.3409 Subscribe to RSS
Lori Scheetz Download v-card lscheetz@wileyrein.com 202.719.7419 Subscribe to RSS
Frederick H. Schutt Download v-card fschutt@wileyrein.com 202.719.7502 Subscribe to RSS
Kathleen E. Scott Download v-card kscott@wileyrein.com 202.719.7577 Subscribe to RSS
Meredith G. Singer Download v-card msinger@wileyrein.com 202.719.7507 Subscribe to RSS
Craig Smith Download v-card csmith@wileyrein.com 202.719.7297 Subscribe to RSS
Adam M. Teslik Download v-card ateslik@wileyrein.com 202.719.3483 Subscribe to RSS
Karen L. Toto Download v-card ktoto@wileyrein.com 202.719.7152 Subscribe to RSS
Caroline Rose Van Wie Download v-card cvanwie@wileyrein.com 202.719.7550 Subscribe to RSS
Jillian Volkmar Download v-card jvolkmar@wileyrein.com 202.719.7527 Subscribe to RSS
Brian Walsh Download v-card bwalsh@wileyrein.com 202.719.7469 Subscribe to RSS
Gary S. Ward Download v-card gsward@wileyrein.com 202.719.7571 Subscribe to RSS
Tara L. Ward Download v-card tward@wileyrein.com 202.719.7495 Subscribe to RSS
Wesley E. Weeks Download v-card WWeeks@wileyrein.com 202.719.7569 Subscribe to RSS
Rachel Welford Download v-card RWelford@wileyrein.com 703.905.2835 Subscribe to RSS
Jennifer A. Williams Download v-card jawilliams@wileyrein.com 202.719.7566 Subscribe to RSS
Bonnie Thompson Wise* Download v-card bwise@wileyrein.com 202.719.3763 Subscribe to RSS
Jared R. Young* Download v-card jryoung@wileyrein.com 202.719.3764 Subscribe to RSS
Brandis L. Zehr Download v-card bzehr@wileyrein.com 202.719.7210 Subscribe to RSS
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