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* Not admitted to the DC and/or Virginia bar. Supervised by the principals of the firm.


Kara M. Sacilotto Download v-card ksacilotto@wileyrein.com 202.719.7107 Subscribe to RSS
Jerita L. DeBraux Salley Download v-card jsalley@wileyrein.com 202.719.7179 Subscribe to RSS
Robert J. Scheffel Download v-card rscheffel@wileyrein.com 202.719.7423 Subscribe to RSS
Gary P. Seligman Download v-card gseligman@wileyrein.com 202.719.3587 Subscribe to RSS
R. Michael Senkowski Download v-card msenkowski@wileyrein.com 202.719.7249 Subscribe to RSS
A. Neal Seth Download v-card nseth@wileyrein.com 202.719.4179 Subscribe to RSS
John R. Shane Download v-card jshane@wileyrein.com 202.719.7222 Subscribe to RSS
Peter D. Shields Download v-card pshields@wileyrein.com 202.719.3249 Subscribe to RSS
Brett A. Shumate Download v-card bshumate@wileyrein.com 202.719.7168 Subscribe to RSS
Richard A. Simpson Download v-card rsimpson@wileyrein.com 202.719.7314 Subscribe to RSS
Jim Slattery Download v-card jslattery@wileyrein.com 202.719.7264 Subscribe to RSS
Richard W. Smith Download v-card rwsmith@wileyrein.com 202.719.7468 Subscribe to RSS
Robert A. Smith Download v-card rsmith@wileyrein.com 202.719.4481 Subscribe to RSS
William E. Smith Download v-card wsmith@wileyrein.com 202.719.7350 Subscribe to RSS
Daniel J. Standish Download v-card dstandish@wileyrein.com 202.719.7130 Subscribe to RSS
Todd M. Stansbury Download v-card tstansbury@wileyrein.com 202.719.4948 Subscribe to RSS
Sandra Tvarian Stevens Download v-card sstevens@wileyrein.com 202.719.3229 Subscribe to RSS
Michael L. Sturm Download v-card msturm@wileyrein.com 202.719.7008 Subscribe to RSS
Lawrence M. Sung Download v-card lsung@wileyrein.com 202.719.4181 Subscribe to RSS
Mark B. Sweet Download v-card msweet@wileyrein.com 202.719.4649 Subscribe to RSS
Mary Sylvia Download v-card msylvia@wileyrein.com 202.719.4178 Subscribe to RSS
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Rebecca L. Saitta Download v-card rsaitta@wileyrein.com 202.719.7075 Subscribe to RSS
Marnie K. Sarver Download v-card msarver@wileyrein.com 202.719.4289 Subscribe to RSS
Jeremy J. Schofer Download v-card jschofer@wileyrein.com 202.719.4646 Subscribe to RSS
Joan Stewart Download v-card jstewart@wileyrein.com 202.719.7438 Subscribe to RSS
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Dwayne D. Sam* Download v-card dsam@wileyrein.com 202.719.3409 Subscribe to RSS
Lori Scheetz Download v-card lscheetz@wileyrein.com 202.719.7419 Subscribe to RSS
Frederick H. Schutt Download v-card fschutt@wileyrein.com 202.719.7502 Subscribe to RSS
Kathleen E. Scott Download v-card kscott@wileyrein.com 202.719.7577 Subscribe to RSS
Meredith G. Singer Download v-card msinger@wileyrein.com 202.719.7507 Subscribe to RSS
Craig Smith Download v-card csmith@wileyrein.com 202.719.7297 Subscribe to RSS
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