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Hap has joined the firm's TMT and Public Policy practices as a senior policy advisor. Hap, who served for more than a decade as a professional staff member and policy advisor to members of the U.S. Senate, will provide strategic advice on legislative, public policy, and legal issues for clients in the communications and technology sectors.

Senior Policy Advisor
Name Position Telephone Email
Kara M. SacilottoPartner202.719.7107Download vCard
Rebecca L. SaittaOf Counsel202.719.7075Download vCard
Jerita L. DeBraux SalleyPartner202.719.7179Download vCard
Dwayne D. SamAssociate202.719.3409Download vCard
Lori ScheetzOf Counsel202.719.7419Download vCard
Robert J. ScheffelPartner202.719.7423Download vCard
Jeremy J. SchoferOf Counsel202.719.4646Download vCard
Carolyn R. SchrollAssociate202.719.4195Download vCard
Kathleen E. ScottAssociate202.719.7577Download vCard
Gary P. SeligmanPartner202.719.3587Download vCard
A. Neal SethPartner202.719.4179Download vCard
John R. ShanePartner202.719.7222Download vCard
Peter D. ShieldsManaging Partner202.719.3249Download vCard
Brett A. ShumatePartner202.719.7168Download vCard
Richard A. SimpsonPartner202.719.7314Download vCard
Meredith G. SingerAssociate202.719.7507Download vCard
Jim SlatteryStrategic Counsel202.719.7264Download vCard
Craig SmithAssociate202.719.7297Download vCard
Richard W. SmithPartner202.719.7468Download vCard
Robert A. SmithPartner202.719.4481Download vCard
William E. SmithPartner202.719.7350Download vCard
Daniel J. StandishPartner202.719.7130Download vCard
Joan StewartOf Counsel202.719.7438Download vCard
Michael L. SturmPartner202.719.7008Download vCard
Xiaomin (Jasmine) Su, Ph.D.Technical Specialist202.719.7217Download vCard
Lawrence M. SungPartner202.719.4181Download vCard
Mark B. SweetPartner202.719.4649Download vCard
Mary SylviaPartner202.719.4178Download vCard