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Connecticut Lobbyist Fined $10,000 for Failing to Wear Lobbyist Badge

Carol A. Laham and Samuel B. Gedge
January 2012 | Election Law News

On November 17, 2011, Connecticut's Citizen's Ethics Advisory Board approved a stipulation and consent order with Jon Green-executive director of the Working Families Organization and the Working Families Party-in which Mr. Green acknowledged violating the state's Code of Ethics for Lobbyists.  According to the stipulation and consent order, between January and May 2011, Mr. Green violated Connecticut law by engaging in lobbying activities on more than 100 occasions without displaying a badge identifying himself as a lobbyist.

Pursuant to the consent order, Mr. Green must pay a $10,000 civil penalty.  In addition to the fine, he is also subject to numerous restrictions on lobbying activity effective for the next five years, including notifying the Connecticut Office of State Ethics (OSE) if he spends 10 hours or more lobbying; registering as a lobbyist with OSE if he spends 20 hours or more lobbying; and, during the next five years, maintaining a written summary detailing all his contacts with Connecticut state officials and employees to discuss legislative or administrative action. 

For more information, please contact Carol A. Laham at 202.719.7301 or claham@wileyrein.com and Samuel B. Gedge at 202.719.7562 or sgedge@wileyrein.com.

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