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Janell Mallard
Senior Recruiting and Diversity Manager
Wiley Rein LLP
1776 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

Hiring Process


We are currently recruiting for our 1L 2020 Summer Associate position at Wiley Rein. If you are interested in the position, please apply here

Summer associate hiring starts with an on-campus interview or a student submitting an individual resume.  If you would like to meet with representatives from Wiley Rein, please contact your law school’s career services office to sign up for an on-campus interview. If you attend a school where Wiley Rein is not conducting on-campus interviews or if you have any questions about our summer associate hiring process, feel free to reach out to Janell Mallard at

Call-back Interviews

If the initial introductions result in a call-back, our Recruiting Department will work with you to arrange a mutually convenient visit to the firm. Students will be reimbursed for reasonable travel expenses. Should a student prefer to combine interviews with more than one firm during a single trip, we are able to share costs with the other firm(s). Our travel agency will be happy to assist you with your travel plans.

During call-back interviews, visiting students meet with four to six attorneys individually for twenty five minutes each. 

If you have a specific question or area of interest you would like to discuss, please let the Recruiting Department know prior to your interview, and we will keep that in mind when arranging your interview schedule.

Offer Decisions

Students are typically notified about offer decisions within a few weeks of the in-office interviews. Offers are made on a rolling basis throughout the interview season.