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Janell Mallard
Senior Recruiting and Diversity Manager
Wiley Rein LLP
1776 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

Message from the Chair

Welcome to Wiley Rein LLP – a DC firm with a national reputation.

Wiley Rein is a great place to build your career. Wiley Rein’s success is built on our core values of excellence, service, creativity and collegiality. We are home to a diverse group of people, who share a passionate commitment to our clients, our work, and our community.

These shared values make us who we are and differentiate us from the other law firms in town.

Washington Based Global Reach and Influence

We are a DC firm that is distinguished by our expertise in regulatory and policy matters. Our clients trust and value us for our detailed understanding of their industries, the substantive issues that affect their businesses and how the government’s rules and personnel operate. Our work is national and international in scope but is quintessentially “DC.” We practice at the intersection of the political, legal, and technical worlds. This unique position allows us to resolve our clients’ most novel and complex challenges.

Our litigation, regulatory, corporate law, and public policy skills enable us to deliver effective solutions to high stakes matters for our clients. Wiley Rein’s outstanding blend of two dozen areas of service can only be found in our nation’s capital.

We help our clients anticipate, adapt to, and sometimes, change the rules of the game.

Appreciation of Individuals

With more than 240 attorneys, Wiley Rein is a large DC firm, but not so large that you are just a number. Your work, experiences, goals, and skills are important to your colleagues and supervisors. Attorneys work closely on teams, they create and implement individualized professional development plans, and they create lasting professional and personal relationships. When attorneys take time to serve in government, the firm helps them evaluate and pursue those opportunities. We believe in the success of each individual’s career over the long term, and support our attorneys’ goals and aspirations.

Well-Rounded Professionals

Wiley Rein cultivates a high quality, well-rounded practice of law. Here, you will find exceptional opportunities to counsel clients on matters that challenge and motivate you. This includes important and rewarding pro bono work as well. You will work hard serving your clients and you will also be encouraged to pursue activities and achievement outside of the firm. We know that the best contributors to the firm are also able to fully engage in their community and life outside of our walls, whether community service, political involvement, board work, or coaching little league. Our collegial, team approach provides flexibility so our attorneys can succeed in and outside of the firm. We are committed to these values because our firm was built on the idea that the best lawyers are those who are fully engaged in work, their community, and activities about which that they care.


Jon Burd
Recruiting Committee Chair