Diversity  |  Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Diversity and inclusion is a core component of Wiley Rein’s culture. From our recruitment process to our mentoring programs to our various committees and practice groups, we believe in creating an environment where diversity is at the center of all that we do. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion would not be possible without the diligent work of our dedicated Diversity & Inclusion Committee, comprised of attorneys from across many practice areas.

Edgar Class, Of Counsel
Telecom, Media, & Technology Practice

How has the firm supported your diversity efforts?

The firm has been extremely supportive of my involvement with the Hispanic Bar Association of the District of Columbia (HBA-DC), where I served as president. From hosting events to providing financial support, the firm’s commitment has been outstanding. It is wonderful to work at a firm where those efforts are valued and supported.

John Howell, Partner
Insurance Practice

What has been your favorite event sponsored by the Committee?

I enjoyed participating with firm colleagues in NALP’s Street Law Program, in which attorneys from across the firm taught core legal concepts to students at DC’s Anacostia Senior High School. We also hosted many of the students at the firm for more educational sessions to meet attorneys and other professionals in a half day seminar. This pipeline program was a lot of fun and offered great opportunities for professional enrichment for the students and Wiley Rein personnel alike.

Dot Powell-Woodson, Partner
Health Care Practice

Why do you think the Diversity & Inclusion Committee is important to the overall success of the firm?

The Committee has been in the forefront of advocating that our differences can make us stronger as a firm. Through this advocacy, the Committee has created a heightened awareness of diversity that has been instrumental in re-shaping the leadership model within the firm and in helping to ensure that diverse members have a central role in setting and implementing the firm’s strategic goals.

Karen Toto, Associate
Insurance Practice

How did serving on the Committee impact your experience at Wiley Rein?

I served on the Diversity & Inclusion Committee for two years, and it allowed me to become much more attuned to the issues of diversity and inclusion here at Wiley Rein and in other law firms.  I now regularly consider inclusion efforts through my work on the Associates Committee, when mentoring new attorneys, and when thinking about my own future at the firm. It was also a great chance to meet and work with attorneys in other practice groups with whom I do not ordinarily work. 

Strategic Plan:

Wiley Rein has a strategic plan specifically for diversity and inclusion that establishes a flexible blueprint to guide the diversity activities and efforts of the firm through the next three years. The plan provides a road map for our future so that our firm can continue to be an outstanding place to work for all attorneys and staff.  For further information, please contact any member of our Diversity & Inclusion Committee.