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Patricia O'Connell
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Privacy Expert Kirk Nahra Quoted Discussing How Companies Should React to Cybersecurity Attacks

Bank Information Security
October 11, 2011

Wiley Rein’s Kirk Nahra, chair of the Privacy Practice, offered advice on how companies can best deal with cybersecurity attacks and compromised sensitive data in a recent interview with Bank Information Security. Mr. Nahra said that “organizations have to react quickly to these situations, and that means they must have an upfront understanding about the type of incident with which they are dealing. I'm always leery about advising my clients about generalizing too much.”  He added that “every situation is different.”

If no personal or sensitive data was hacked, then the assumption can be made that public relations concerns outweigh any potential legal implications. “With that assumption, that no personal information was revealed, I don’t see a legal requirement to do anything,”  Mr. Nahra explained. “If there’s not a breach, I’m not sure there would be any legal issues. If you are just trying to inform the public of what actually happened, that is purely a PR issue,” he concluded.