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Kirk Nahra Discusses Disclosure Rule that may Impact Business Relationships

Health Care Daily Report
December 19, 2011

Privacy Practice chair and Health Care co-chair Kirk Nahra was interviewed by the Health Care Daily Report on a proposed rule that could result in a reduction of legitimate business relationships and lead to more qui tam lawsuits.  The article reports that while there is support in the health care industry for the proposed rule by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services because it would boost transparency for the public, concerns remain about the ramifications on business.

Mr. Nahra said that as a result of the rule change there will be a reduction of overall payments between research and manufacturing companies "simply because they would be publicly visible."  Mr. Nahra said that most drug and device companies will end relationships rather than publicly disclose details.

"This will have a benefit for a small number of people who are paying very close attention to these kinds of details but will not have any applicability to most people, who don't look for this information," said Mr. Nahra.

Comments on the rule proposal are due Feb. 17.