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Kirk Nahra Warns of Class Action Litigation Firestorm in 2012

Help Net Security
January 5, 2012

Privacy Practice chair Kirk Nahra was interviewed by Help Net Security on looming trends facing the healthcare, privacy, security, regulatory and data breach industries in 2012. 

The article reports that over the last year, healthcare became one of the most-breached industries, while the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights (OCR) opened up a myriad of investigations and levied multi-million-dollar fines for organizations that did not meet their patient privacy obligations.

Mr. Nahra advised that the top trend facing the health care industry in 2012 will be a deluge of class action litigation firestorms.  The increase will come, says Mr. Nahra, as a direct result of patients suing healthcare organizations for failing to protect their protected health information.  Over the past year, organizations faced several class action lawsuits as a result of breached patient data.  Regardless of the outcome of the suit, the article warns these lawsuits are both a "significant risk and tremendous expense" for companies.