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Kirk Nahra Discusses Information Security Issues on Global Reach

Global Reach
March 9, 2012

Privacy Practice chair and Health Care Practice co-chair Kirk Nahra was a guest on Global Reach with Te Revesz to discuss international privacy and information security issues.

Mr. Nahra touched on a broad array of critical privacy issues, including the balance between the United States and the European Union, which is poised to pass tougher privacy laws.

"One of the things that makes practicing law in this area challenging, is that the laws on the books compared to how enforcement maps are actually very different," said Mr. Nahra during the interview. "We have lot and lots of laws most of which that have not been the subject of aggressive visible enforcement. The health care industry faces risks under the False Claims Act that are enormous, where the government is aggressive and active and frequent. You have to assume the government is going to find you if you're doing something wrong. On the privacy side enforcement has been almost zero. That doesn't mean people aren't paying attention and that it isn't an important issue. But formal enforcement has been very limited and that's a fairly common pattern, even in most of the EU countries."

To listen to the entire interview, please click here.