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Kirk Nahra Discusses Health Care Fraud Threats From Insiders
November 4, 2015

Kirk J. Nahra, chair of Wiley Rein’s Privacy Practice and co-chair of the Health Care Practice, was quoted by in a November 3 article, discussing preventative measures for avoiding health care fraud from current and prospective employees.

Mr. Nahra noted that while background checks can help vet employees, they're not foolproof. “Background checks are important, and health care companies should do them generally, but they aren’t perfect,” he added. “Insider threats are a real and significant issue. In my personal experience, insider problems are far more likely to lead to actual harm than many external breaches,” said Mr. Nahra.

Insiders with bad intentions can take exactly what they need for bad purposes, according to Mr. Nahra. “This is a consistent and ongoing problem. As a result, health care organizations must educate their staff on the consequences of inappropriate data access and then monitor their activity,” he said. “People have to know they will get caught and that they will get fired,” Mr. Nahra said.

The recent attention on major cyberattacks in the health care sector should not divert organizations from addressing insider threats, Mr. Nahra stressed. “But sometimes the focus on hackers ... distracts from this current, ongoing, significant problem with insider threats,” he added.

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