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Michael Toner Discusses College Student Donations to Presidential Candidates

The Boston Globe
April 26, 2016

Michael E. Toner, co-chair of Wiley Rein’s Election Law & Government Ethics Practice, was quoted in an article published April 24 in The Boston Globe about the contributions presidential candidates have received from college students.

According to the article, Hillary Clinton has received more than $1.4 million from self-identified college students, compared to $176,000 spread across the GOP field of candidates. Mr. Toner told The Boston Globe, that there are three basic requirements for donations—it must be the donor’s money, they have to be old enough to understand what they’re doing, and they cannot be reimbursed for the contribution.

“It gets more challenging with kids who are giving max contributions and they have no jobs and their parents are major donors who have contributed the max themselves,” Mr. Toner said. “It’s a tough scenario.”

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