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Indiana to Regulate Executive Branch Lobbyists

January 2006

On January 1, 2006, the Indiana Department of Administration issued final rules regulating the activities of individuals attempting to influence the executive branch of the state. For the first time, the state will require such individuals to register and report with the state.

A copy of the new rules can be found at the department's website,, which includes frequently asked questions about the new rules.

Pursuant to the new rules, executive branch lobbyists are required to register within 15 days of making a lobbying contact. The lobbying rules pertain to "executive branch activities," which are defined as decisions of a state agency regarding:

  • The expenditure of state funds with respect to the award of a contract, lease or any other financial arrangement.
  • The proposal, drafting, development, consideration, promulgation, repeal or rejection by an agency of a rule.

There are several exceptions to the registration requirement. Online registration is available at the department's website.

Executive branch lobbyists, after registration, are required to file annual reports with the department, detailing lobbying activities. Such reports are due on January 15 of each year.