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BCRA Rulemaking at the FEC

December 2002

Since the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 became law on March 27, 2002, the Federal Election Commission has been working, under statutory mandates, to issue regulations regarding the operation of the new law. The FEC has finalized rules in many of the areas, but several areas, including coordination, remain unresolved.

Completed Rulemakings
The final rules that have been issued, and the websites on which they can be found, are as follows:

Pending Rulemakings
The following rulemaking proceeding is ongoing at the FEC:

  • Leadership PACs; NPRM of December 12, 2002; (The NPRM has not yet been published in the Federal Register.)

Upcoming Rulemakings
The following rulemaking proceeding is planned by the FEC:

  • Millionaire's Amendment; an interim final rule is to be published on December 19, 2002 according to the FEC's Rulemaking Calendar (rev. 7/17/02).