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FCC Delays C&F Block Reauction to November 26

June 2000

As widely expected (see May 2000 Wireless Watch), the FCC has delayed the C&F Block reauction until November 26. At the same time, the Commission also issued a request for further comment on eligibility and other rules. Under the Commission's proposal non-designated entities would be allowed to bid on 20 MHz of the C Block spectrum in markets of more than 2.5 million population but restricted to 10 MHz in smaller markets. The Commission made no tentative conclusion with regard to eligibility in the F Block. Comments on the proposals were filed June 22, and reply comments are due June 30. The agency also took the unusual step of announcing that final "ex parte” presentations on the proposals would be due July 12.

Meanwhile, a federal appeals court in Washington has dismissed Next Wave's appeal of the FCC's revocation of Next Wave's licenses. The action would appear to leave Next Wave with a possible long-shot appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.