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FEC Bundling Regulation: PACs Must Amend FEC Form 1 by March 29

March 2009

As part of the new bundling regulations, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) is mandating that all federal PACs established or controlled by federal lobbyists or employers of federal lobbyists amend their Statements of Organization (FEC Form 1) by March 29, 2009. In the amendment, the PAC must indicate that it is a "lobbyist/registrant PAC." PACs also should take this opportunity to confirm that all other information contained in their statement of organization is up-to-date.

The updated Form 1 is now available from the FEC; see The updated paper form can be reviewed at (Line 5(e) allows a corporate PAC to indicate that it is a "lobbyist/registrant PAC"). Note that the FEC has created a separate page that tracks all of the bundling requirements and filings. See

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