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Message from the Editor

January 2011

Clients and Friends:

Our first edition of Mass Media Headlines for 2011 departs from our usual focus on legislative and regulatory developments of interest to traditional media companies to highlight so-called "New Media."  The ever-changing, fast-moving universe of online tools, goods and services-some of which, of course, are no longer new-is, perhaps, most typically characterized by social networking functions, mobile applications, multimedia websites and more sophisticated approaches to online advertising.  As our radio, television, newspaper and other clients use new and innovative platforms to disseminate content, connect with listeners, viewers and readers, and add value for advertisers, we are apprising them of attendant legal risks and political threats. 

Our aim in this issue is to highlight for our readers some of the ways traditional media outlets are extending their brands (special thanks to our guest columnist, Mark Fratrik of BIA/Kelsey) and creating new revenue streams, to focus on areas of the law, particularly privacy and intellectual property, relevant to media companies as they launch or continue new media endeavors, to let you know not only what is going on at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) but also at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Department of Justice (DOJ), and to summarize the current policy debates surrounding online enterprise in which media companies have a clear interest.

You already know that Wiley Rein has a deep understanding of the traditional media business.  Our firm has been just as active working on the intellectual property, information privacy and security, e-commerce and contracting issues that are inherent in our clients' evolving business models.  This issue of Mass Media Headlines will be the first of many that, we hope, will share the benefits of our experience with you.

Kathleen A. Kirby