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Updated State Campaign Contribution Limits (CA, GA, OH)

March 2011

In addition to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), several states regularly adjust their campaign contribution limits.  A brief selection of the updates in some states follows below.

California.  While the contribution limits to legislative candidates and statewide candidates for offices other than governor remain unchanged, the following contribution limits for a person (which includes a corporation) were increased:

  • $26,000 to gubernatorial candidates per election; and
  • $32,500 to state party committees per calendar year.

Georgia.  Georgia increased its contribution limits for a person, corporation, political committee and political party as follows:

  • $6,300 for a primary or general election to statewide candidates; and
  • $2,500 for a primary or general election tonon-statewide candidates.

Ohio.  Ohio increased its contributions limits for individuals as follows: 

  • $11,543.70 to statewide and legislative candidates per election; and
  • $34,631.11 to state parties per calendar year.