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Spring 2011

Cybersecurity Briefing: Threat & Risks, Legislative Update, Stakeholder Activities & Business Considerations
Julie A. Dunne & Nova J. Daly, Speakers
Client Webinar
January 28, 2011
Event Tickets for Federal Employees: Just Don't Do It
Paul F. Khoury & Craig Smith
The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel Vol. 19, No. 2
February 2011
Knowing How the Government Is Applying the False Claims Act & Other Civil & Criminal Statues to Battlefield Situations
William A. Roberts, III, Speaker
American Conference Institute
February 2011 | Washington, DC
Statutes & Regulations
Rand L. Allen, Speaker
West Government Contracts Year in Review Conference
February 23, 2011 | Washington, DC
Contract Administration, Claims & Disputes
Thomas J. Warren, Speaker
National Capital Region Army Reserve On-Site Legal Training Conference
February 26, 2011 | Alexandria,VA
Déjà Vu All Over Again: Cost-Reimbursement Contracts Fall Out of Favor (Again), But Should They?
Kara M. Sacilotto
Public Contract Law Journal, Volume 40-3
Spring 2011
Indirect Cost & Profit Recovery for Increased Wages
Jon W. Burd, Eric W. Leonard & Nicole J. Owren-Wiest
Government Contract Costs, Pricing & Accounting Report,Vol. 6, Issue 2
March 2011
Past Performance & Federal Awardee Performance & Integrity Information System (FAPIIS) Litigation Issues
Paul F. Khoury, Speaker
17th Annual Fed. Procurement Institute & Open Midyear Council Meeting
March 4, 2011 | Annapolis, MD
Five Steps to Prepare for a Government "Shutdown"
Daniel P. Graham & Craig Smith
March 11, 2011
Disputes & Requests for Equitable Adjustments
Daniel P. Graham, Speaker
NCMA's 50th Annual March Workshop
March 16, 2011 | Waltham, MA
Implications & Developments Arising from Science Applications International Corp. v. United States
Daniel P. Graham, Erin Kepler & Craig Smith, Speakers
Bootcamp–Government Contracts
Wiley Rein LLP
March 24, 2011 | Washington, DC
Overseas Contingency Contacting & Operational Funding Seminar
Thomas J. Warren, Speaker
The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center & School
Apri l4, 2011 | Charlottesville,VA
Practicing at the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Daniel P. Graham & Matthew J. Dowd, Panelists
FCBA Bench & Bar
April 7, 2011 | Washington, DC
Year in Review of Disallowed Costs: Recent Challenges to Compensation, IR & D and Legal Fees and Lessons Learned for Determining Allowability
Nicole J. Owren-Wiest, Speaker
American Conference Institute's 2nd Advanced Forum on Government Contract Cost and Pricing
April 11, 2011 | Arlington,VA
Government Claims: What Contractors Need to Know
Martin Willard & Kara Sacilotto, Speakers
Bootcamp—Government Contracts
Wiley Rein LLP
April 28, 2011 | Washington, DC
Kara Sacilotto, Speaker
Boards of Contract Appeals Bar Association Colloquium
May 17, 2011 | Washington, DC