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Pay-to-Play Survey Now Available

May 2011

Almost two-dozen states and scores of municipalities have some sort of pay-to-play restrictions on contributions related to current or prospective government contractors.  Others are on the verge of adopting similar or more restrictive rules. These rules often reach beyond corporate and Political Action Committee (PAC) contributions and apply to contributions by corporation directors, officers and even their spouses.  The first step toward compliance with the pay-to-play laws is timely knowledge of the important details of the applicable laws and rules.  To this end, the Election Law & Government Ethics Practice has prepared a survey of the pay-to-play regimes from around the country.  This survey is available for a fee. 

For more information, please contact Jan Witold Baran at 202.719.7330 or, Carol A. Laham at 202.719.7301 or, D. Mark Renaud at 202.719.7405 or and Caleb P. Burns at 202.719.7451 or