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LD-203 Necessitates Gift Rule Review; Prepare Now

July 2011

With the upcoming deadline to file the Semi-Annual Report of Contributions (form LD-203), now is the perfect opportunity for corporations, trade associations and other organizations employing lobbyists to review the U.S. House and U.S. Senate gift and travel rules. When submitting an LD-203 report, filers are required to certify that they have read and are familiar with the gift and travel rules and have not knowingly violated the rules. Both organizations and individual lobbyists who are registered under the LDA are required to file these semi-annual disclosure reports using the LD-203.

We recommend that organizations employing lobbyists annually review the U.S. House and U.S. Senate gift and travel rules with their lobbyists to ensure that each filer can certify on its LD-203 report. The Wiley Rein Election Law Group is available to brief your lobbyists on the gift and travel rules, as well as any other federal or state lobbying or ethics issues of interest to your organization.

For questions on lobbying and ethics issues, please contact the Wiley Rein attorney who regularly handles your matters.