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Johnson Foundation Releases Reports on Freshwater Systems

March 2012

Charting New Waters has announced the release of two reports regarding U.S. freshwater systems and resources.  Charting New Waters is an initiative launched by the Johnson Foundation at Wingspread as part of its continuing mission to foster discussion on environmental and community issues. 

The first report, Financing Sustainable Water Infrastructure, was produced in collaboration with American Rivers and Ceres and details suggestions for achieving more sustainable, resilient and cost-effective water infrastructure in the U.S.  The report suggests giving consumers greater options; recognizing that local pressures will drive local solutions; utilizing innovative financing models; and exploring alternative market-based solutions. 

The second report, Colorado Regional Freshwater Forum:  Exploring Colorado's Solutions to a National Challenge Meeting Report, summarizes the outcome of a meeting which was attended by approximately 100 freshwater experts and stakeholders.  The meeting focused on how to make the financing of water infrastructure more sustainable and addressed three main topics: balancing agricultural, municipal, industrial, and environmental water needs; enhancing water conservation through improved efficiency; and gaining traction on the water/energy nexus.