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FEC Adds New Campaign Finance Disclosure Portal to Its Website

May 2012

In an effort to make campaign financing more transparent to the general public, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) has revamped its website by introducing the Campaign Finance Disclosure Portal.  The Portal includes map-based presentations of where money is being raised and spent, as well as other graphics summarizing the activity of political action committees and political parties.  It also allows users to access data files as well as to download and explore campaign finance data.  The Portal is available here.

This Portal is just one of several changes the FEC has made to its information technology capabilities in the past year.  In addition to the Portal, the FEC created a Reports Analysis Division (RAD) webpage, which allows committees to search for their RAD Analyst and includes detailed information regarding the report review process, and began sending Requests for Additional Information electronically to committees.  The RAD webpage is available here.