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Pay-to-Play Spotlight: Plan Ahead: New Jersey Pay-to-Play Filing Due on April 1!

January 2013

Business entities that received $50,000 or more in contracts with governments in New Jersey (at all levels of government) in 2012 must file an annual disclosure statement of political contributions with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission by April 1, 2013. 

This “Business Entity Annual Statement” (Form BE) requires electronic reporting of cash contributions of any amount and non-cash contributions in excess of $300 to a long list of campaign, party, and political committees.  Reportable contributions include those made by the business entity, the owners of more than 10%of the business entity; principals, partners, officers, directors, and trustees of the business entity (and their spouses); subsidiaries directly or indirectly controlled by the business entity; and a continuing political committee that is directly or indirectly controlled by the business entity. 

Reports are due even if no reportable contributions have been made.  For more information, see the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission website at