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Lobbyists, Principals, and Grassroots Lobbying Groups in Hawaii Now Must File an Additional Report

September 2014

Lobbyists, lobbyist principals, and individuals or organizations required to report their grassroots lobbying expenses in Hawaii are now required to file an additional expenditure report in the event that the legislature re-convenes for a special session.

Previously, lobbying reports were due on March 31 (covering the activity from January 1 through the last day of February), May 31 (covering the activity from March 1 through April 30), and January 31 (covering the activity from May 1 through December 31). Typically, the legislature's regular session adjourns sine die in early May, which means that most lobbying expenditures related to the regular session are reported shortly thereafter. Lobbying expenditures related to any special sessions, however, were not reported until January 31—several months after any special sessions of the legislature adjourned sine die.

Effective immediately, lobbyists, lobbyist principals, and grassroots lobbying groups now must file an expenditure report within 30 days of the legislature adjourning sine die for any special session. The report covers activity from May 1 through adjournment sine die of the special session and must disclose all expenditures related to legislative action considered during the special session.