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January 2016
Privacy In Focus

The Revolution Will Be Worn on Your Wrist, Part 2
Kirk J. Nahra, Moderator
ABA Health Law Section's 17th Annual Conference on Emerging Issues in Healthcare Law
March 3, 2016 | San Diego, CA

Here's the Thing: Physical Harms from Cyber Perils - Are They Covered?
Laura A. Foggan, Speaker
ABA's 2016 Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee CLE Seminar
March 3, 2016 | Tucson, AZ

Cyber & Data Risk Insurance and Its Related Litigation Issues and Coverage Disputes
Laura A. Foggan, Speaker
ACI's 2016 Data Breach & Privacy Litigation and Enforcement Conference
March 17, 2016 | Philadelphia, PA

What's Next for Health Care Privacy?
Kirk J. Nahra, Speaker
Twenty-Fourth National HIPAA Summit
March 21-23, 2016 | Washington, DC

Privacy Bootcamp
Kirk J. Nahra, Speaker
IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2016
April 3, 2016 | Washington, DC

The Changing Face of Health Care Privacy
Kirk J. Nahra, Speaker
IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2016
April 6, 2016 | Washington, DC

Cybersecurity: Navigating a Terrain Fraught with Peril
Kirk J. Nahra, Speaker
International Franchise Association's 49th Annual Legal Symposium
May 16 & 17, 2016 | Washington, DC