At Wiley Rein, our clients demand world-class, trial-ready litigation teams that deliver industry-leading value with an unwavering focus on meeting their objectives, all at an appropriate cost. In numerous substantive areas, for private sector corporations in a wide variety of industries as well as for individuals and government clients involved in any manner of regulatory, arbitral, or judicial disputes anywhere in the world, Wiley Rein has delivered exactly that.

World-Class Litigation Teams

For more than three decades, Wiley Rein has been effectively advocating our clients’ interests in federal and state courts across the country. Our litigation strength is considerable—more than half of the firm’s 240+ attorneys are seasoned litigators, forming a group that includes four former clerks to the Supreme Court of the United States; more than 40 former clerks to courts of appeals, district, and other courts; former United States prosecutors; former general counsels of federal agencies; and senior government officials. Wiley Rein’s litigators are distinguished in their field and routinely recognized nationwide for their outstanding achievements. Twenty-six of our litigators have been included in Best Lawyers (2014), and thirty-one have been named by Chambers USA as America’s leading lawyers for business (2013). Fifty-one of our attorneys have been named to DC’s Super Lawyers list (2013) specifically for their litigation work, and fourteen have been named by the Washingtonian to its best lawyers list (2013).

We have successfully briefed and argued cases in the Supreme Court of the United States, every federal circuit, and many district courts and in numerous state supreme courts as well as before Congress, in the Executive branch, and at various agencies. We have also arbitrated, and been arbitrators, in a number of disputes between sophisticated parties ranging from reinsurance arbitration to disputes involving Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs).

Our litigation expertise is as diverse as our practices, from advertising class-action lawsuits and bankruptcy appeals to international arbitration, white-collar defense, and “high impact” pro bono cases. Each practice litigates cases in its area of expertise while a core team of attorneys engages in litigation across a broad spectrum of practice areas. Unlike other firms where general litigation practices are independent and divorced from specialty practices, Wiley Rein’s litigators work in tandem with other professionals within the relevant practice group when handling a case, allowing the firm to deliver the best-tailored services to clients.

We are agile enough to handle matters of any size and complexity, ranging from appellate cases of unique constitutional significance to multibillion-dollar trials and smaller but still meaningful matters with less at stake financially.

Industry Leading Value

At Wiley Rein, “value” is more than just a buzzword. Recently recognized by BTI as providing “All-Star” client service, our Group understands that we are in the client-service business, and we deliver on our promise to treat every client as if it were our only one.

We litigate efficiently and wisely, partnering experienced trial lawyers and appellate counsel with recognized subject matter experts when appropriate at every stage of litigation. We always prepare for cases to reach the trial stage and are skilled at arguing on behalf of our clients in court, yet we build our litigation strategy on our ability to evaluate complex matters accurately with an eye toward positioning the case for early dismissal or, where appropriate, settlement before substantial litigation costs are incurred.

Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to look at legal problems creatively, crafting briefs and oral arguments that frame the most persuasive presentation of the client’s legal and factual position. It also is in keeping with our commitment to provide clients cost-effective, efficient representation, saving them substantial time and resources and helping keep sensitive matters out of the public eye.

Focus on Client Objectives

Our priority is on winning each and every case we litigate, both decisively and efficiently.

We recognize that what other law firms may describe as “winning” often does not match their client’s true goals and the typical “one-size-fits-all” approach is often mismatched to individualized definitions of success.

Accordingly, within the first 60 days of being engaged on litigation matters, we partner with our clients to complete an early case assessment, through which we identify at the earliest stage our clients’ true goals, and work together to develop a strategy that will maximize our ability to accomplish those goals. We then focus squarely on implementing the agreed strategy and achieving milestones that our clients define as “successes” rather than on simply moving through the phases of the litigation process. 

We further understand that our clients have to manage ever-tightening budgets and that they expect us to develop realistic budgets and to stick to them. We reject the idea that litigation cannot be budgeted.

We review and update our early case assessments in a manner and on a schedule that is appropriate to each individual client and matter but generally on at least a quarterly or semi-annual basis. With each review, we again review our budget to ensure that we are providing the most current and most realistic budget possible for each matter.

Appropriate Pricing

We understand the importance of managing litigation expenses, and we do so diligently. We believe our philosophy of strategic litigation, focused on obtaining client objectives and achieving client measures of success, sets us apart from our competition as efficient providers of appropriately priced legal services without sacrificing quality.

We were pioneers in alternative pricing, and have several decades experience with a wide variety of alternative fee arrangements. For our clients that have chosen to abandon the billable hour, we have developed and managed individually tailored pricing options that both enhance client predictability and continue to fairly price our services. We are confident that we can work with any client to find a mutually satisfactory alternative structure.

The majority of our clients continue to pay for legal services on the billable hour, and they consistently report satisfaction with our commitment to maintaining competitive rates.

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