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As recognized in Chambers USA, Wiley Rein has “formidable experience in campaign finance and ethics laws,” and the firm’s attorneys regularly advise clients on both federal and state campaign finance requirements and developments. 

Federal Campaign Finance Compliance Counseling. At the federal level, we help corporations and trade associations understand the complex laws governing political action committees (PACs), workplace political activity, independent expenditures, electioneering communications, and other forms of independent political advocacy. We also counsel numerous federal candidates, political parties, super PACs, politically active 501(c) organizations, and individual donors on federal campaign finance and related tax compliance issues. Our attorneys and reporting specialists review many of our clients’ campaign finance disclosure reports before they are filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). In addition, we routinely represent clients before the FEC in enforcement actions, audits, and other matters. 

State & Local Campaign Finance Compliance Counseling.  Clients rely on our attorneys' extensive knowledge of state and local campaign finance laws to assist them in navigating these ever-changing rules. We regularly advise corporations and trade associations on state and local contribution limits and prohibitions, disclosure and reporting requirements, the ability of federal PACs to make state and local contributions, and the compliance issues associated with establishing state and local PACs. Each of the 50 states (and the District of Columbia) has its unique set of campaign finance laws that we catalogue in broad-ranging surveys and in a database containing more targeted insights. We offer guidance around the nation on complying with these challenging requirements. 

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News & Insights