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Anna, a partner in the TMT Practice and co-chair of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Practice, was recently named Chair of the Federal Communications Commission’s re-chartered Advisory Committee on Diversity and Digital Empowerment.

Name Position Telephone Email
David ReadConsulting Counsel202.719.7581Download vCard
Eve Klindera ReedPartner202.719.7404Download vCard
Bert W. ReinFounder202.719.7080Download vCard
D. Mark RenaudPartner202.719.7405Download vCard
Antonio J. ReynoldsPartner202.719.4603Download vCard
Nicole Audet RichardsonAssociate202.719.3746Download vCard
Steven RichardsonConsulting Counsel202.719.7489Download vCard
Hap RigbySenior Policy Advisor202.719.7461Download vCard
John Allen RigginsAssociate202.719.4493Download vCard
Marc E. RindnerPartner202.719.7486Download vCard
Henry M. RiveraPartner202.719.7501Download vCard
William A. Roberts, IIIPartner202.719.4955Download vCard
Bruce A. RomanoConsulting Counsel202.719.3558Download vCard
Jessica N. RosenthalPartner202.719.7478Download vCard
Bennett L. RossPartner202.719.7524Download vCard
Hume M. RossAssociate202.719.7296Download vCard
Katy M. RossPartner202.719.7410Download vCard
Jacquelynn RuffConsulting Counsel202.719.3347Download vCard
Kevin G. RupyPartner202.719.4510Download vCard
Kenneth E. RyanPartner202.719.7028Download vCard